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How to Reprogram Your Mind for Success - Balanced You

Episode Summary

Are you feeling stuck in your career or business and not being as successful as you want to be? It might be due to a limiting subconscious belief that is running your life and you don’t even realize it. Jenny Harkleroad, Balanced You Founder and Mind Change Expert shares her insights on how you can reprogram your mind for success.

Episode Notes

Your subconscious mind controls your thoughts, actions, and your reactions up to 99% of the time. I use to think my subconscious mind only controls things like my heart beating or eyes blinking but it actually controls a lot more, it is like a blueprint for your life. If you want to change something in your life you have to change that blueprint in your subconscious mind. It's less about self-control and more about reprograming your mind for success. I believe sales follow up is so important to growing your business and a CRM is a great tool to help remind you to follow up with prospective clients. Plus it lets you see all the interaction history in one place for each client. When it comes to marketing my business I have found success in forming joint ventures with others in a similar business category. Where their clients might be a good match for my services and my clients would be a good match for them. In my book, Breaking to Be Me: The Secret to Overcoming Chronic Pain I share my life story of how I overcame pain through the power of my mind. It is a powerful book for anyone struggling with physical or emotional pain where I teach them the tools and techniques I used to overcome my pain. 


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