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Diva Dogg Grooming

Episode Summary

A military wife with five kids builds her dog grooming business using CRM software. The best part: her mother is the techie who makes it happen

Episode Notes

Many animal services businesses will tell you pet services aren’t all roses. But this small business owner lives for pet pampering. Having never professionally bathed dogs, Ronni Wolverton got her start as a novice dog washer and worked her way up the four-legged ladder from there. Now 17 years later, she runs her own grooming business.

Diva Dogg Grooming is a grooming and pet business located in Providence, Rhode Island. Though dogs make up the majority of their pet clients, they welcome cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and more through their storefront’s doors. We sat down with Ronni to hear all about her journey from dog washer to a business owner.