Winning On Main Street

How to Compete in a Crowded Market - JC Sewer & Drain

Episode Summary

To compete in a crowded market you have to focus on building your reputation one customer interaction at a time. We sat down with Yvonne Casity of JC Sewer & Drain to hear the ins and outs of how they manage their online reputation and customer experience.

Episode Notes

We are a tightknit family-owned business that priorities strong ethics and review worthy service. We work hard to educate our customers on the various review website options. 

Reviews are so important in building a strong reputation and the customer experience starts the moment a request for service comes in. Once the service has been completed we follow up both in email and by phone to ensure our customers are satisfied. Most customers are willing to leave a review if you will ask and make it easy for them to do so. 

I would say 90% of advertising is online, we find a lot of success using social media and email marketing. Because we can target the audience we are looking to reach with our promotion. Offering a small discount on the service is an effective way to get a prospect to engage. 

Our CRM tool provides one centralized place to track customer interactions and it helps us provide a personalized customer experience. From the conversation history and invoices to payment processing and follow up reminders. 

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