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Knoxville Room Service

Episode Summary

A Tennessee liquor delivery service manages client data, processes orders, and accepts payments using mobile software

Episode Notes

Being the first to market can be a huge advantage for any small business. But most business owners know copycats and imitators will pop up sooner or later. So how do you stay ahead of the competition?

We sat down with Haley Krotz, founder of Knoxville Room Service, to hear how she uses software to differentiate her business online and stay ahead of local copycat competitors.

Like their name implies, Knoxville Room Service in Knoxville, Tennessee is a high-end retail liquor store offering delivery and concierge services. The first business of their kind in Knoxville, they’re known for bringing new, exciting concepts and products to their local market. In fact, they offer local, niche brands to their clients and customers, always ensuring they’ve tried everything first (for quality assurance of course)!