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Putting the “Tech” in Technician Training - Maggie Cathcart

Episode Summary

Maggie Cathcart, the owner of Performance Masters, gives her insights on how to leverage software to manage the entire customer journey. Maggie says you should focus on being paperless when possible to keep your business running smoothly.

Episode Notes

In today’s job market you have to be multimodality so we cross-train students in several skills depending on what their goals are and how far they want to go. Close to 90% of our students come from doctors’ offices that are paying for them to get the needed training. Often the office has either just purchased a new machine or needs to retrain staff members. Even with today’s technology making it easier for people to find information online we find most of our students still want to call and speak with someone about the training classes. However, when a student is ready to take a class we have adopted software to manage the entire customer journey, from registration and tuition payment to transcript management and review solicitation. 

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