Winning On Main Street

Performance Masters

Episode Summary

An x-ray licensing service streamlines registration, documentation, and payments using software

Episode Notes

When it comes to technology, healthcare businesses need particularly specialized, highly advanced, and very, very secure tools to run their businesses safely.

Why are they so special? Many connect the rising costs of healthcare to how much it costs to make it happen. Get this: Just one electronic medical records (EMR) system can cost a hospital up to $80 million.

Performance Masters in Dallas, Texas has adopted software to manage the entire customer journey, from initial phone call all the way through certification. They provide job-ready training for medical support technicians, with a focus on X-ray techs. And they use technology to book appointments, take payments online, and send personalized reminders to clients. we sat down with Maggie Cathcart to hear the ins and outs of attracting new clients and managing her thriving business.